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Generative AI and Strategy

Investigates the impact of generative artificial intelligence (AI) on strategy.

Entrepreneurial operations management

Develop stylized insights/practical frameworks to aid operations of high-growth entrepreneurial firms.

Behavior in queueing systems

In this stream of work, we study behavioral phenomena in queueing systems.

Nonconforming Capitalist Organizations

Social and economic innovation often comes from the fringes of capitalism. How do nonconforming organizations change the rules of the game?

Decentralizing Capitalism & Digital Platforms

Blockchain can decentralize organizations and, more generally, the Web. How does that affect management practice and digital competition?

Organizational Evolution and Adaptation

Organizations evolve and adapt to shifting environmental conditions, but how much of that is shaped by agency as opposed to chance events?

Innovative Online Platforms

This collection of projects focus on the operational aspects of online platforms.

Demand-side strategies and competitive advantage

How can demand-side thinking inform and complement strategy research that has traditionally looked at the supply side as a key factor?

Digital business model innovation

How does digital transformation facilitate new and innovative business models? How do firms compete on the basis of their business models?

Platform strategy and competition

How do digital platforms and firms that operate within such platforms successfully compete for market dominance?

History, memory and identity

How do people in organizations relate to history and heritage? How do history and memory shape strategy and innovation?

Creativity, Improvisation, and Organizations

Not all creativity in organizations is planned -- improvisation plays a key role in contemporary organizational life

Decision support systems

Optimizing strategic and operational decisions through advanced decision support.

Data analytics in service systems

We analyse data from service systems, such as call centers or hospitals, to inform operational efficiency in those systems.

Sharing economy

We use queueing-theoretic analysis to improve operations in the sharing economy.

Delay announcements in service systems

This project studies effective ways of announcing delays to incoming customers, as is commonly done in call centers or hospitals.

Visualization in qualitative research

How do visual tools - figures, tables - support analysis and theory building in qualitative research?

Organizational identity, culture and change

How do organizational identity and culture change? How do they affect organizational and strategic change? Can identity be managed at all?

Alternative perspectives on reputation

How can we revisit our theories of organizational reputation to better reflect the current reputational landscape?

Design, designers, innovation and change

How do designers think and how does their work contribute to strategic change and innovation?

Symbolic value creation

How does design contribute to infusing products with valuable meanings?

Banking regulation

Analysis of the effect of capital requirements on banks and on the real economy

Innovation and Crowdsourcing Contests

This project analyzes the optimal execution of contests as a mechanism for eliciting innovation from crowds and experts.

Interdependence and organizational decisions

How and why do organizational decision makers, in personnel decisions, differently evaluate candidates from different social groups?

Team Leadership

Team leadership is not only the domain of individual team leaders. Authority for key leadership functions can be shared over time.

Timing of Team Coaching Interventions

When to intervene to help a team can be as important as what to do.

Change and performance in new product streams

Studying the performance implications of the coevolution of team composition and market categories in the context of temporary organizations


I examine the effect of gender on a wide set of organizational outcomes such as perceptions, attitudes, performance.

Strategic Discipline in New Technology Ventures

How do new firms that lack pre-defined capabilities and market positions develop a strategy for commercializing technological breakthroughs?

Helping Creative Teams

Teams doing creative work often need external help. Who do they go to?

Understanding group diversity over time

Exploring dynamic processes in diverse groups and how the effects of diversity change over time

How Can Firms Benefit From Disclosing Innovations?

This research studies the impact of innovation disclosures on knowledge diffusion and firm's intellectual management strategies.

Mobile App Platform Choice

Combining machine learning techniques and structural estimation approach, this research studies mobile app's platform choice decisions.

Helping Creative Teams

This research explores how design teams get help over time and the characteristics of the most helpful help and helpers.

The consequences of engaging in creative work

Rather than researching creativity as an outcome, we explore the positive and negative consequences of engaging in creative work.

Quality Information Disclosure in Service Industry

This project examines whether quality information disclosure is beneficial to consumers in the service industry.

Routing in Call Centers

This project investigates the optimal routing of customers in call centers with heterogeneous agents to trade off speed and quality.

Service System Design with Strategic Servers

This project studies how to use incentives for employees to improve the operational performance in service systems, such as call centers.

The effects of perspective-taking on creativity

Despite the plethora of positive outcomes associated with taking others' perspectives, perspective-taking stifles original idea generation.

Open-ended organization

Explains how open-ended organizational structure and processes allow organizations to adapt to uncertain environments.

Topology and evolution of networks

How to capture the topological characteristics of networks and their evolution.

Innovation investment decision making

How do risk, competition and operational flexibility influence optimal innovation investment decisions?

Improving the quality of management research

This project is focused on improving the quality of management research by strengthening the link between theories and empirical data.

Motivation and Creativity

This project is about explorations of why and how people are motivated to be creative at work.

Decision making processes in healthcare teams

Examining healthcare decisions in multi-disciplinary cancer care teams

Status in complex organizations

How people use social references to evaluate an actor’s reputation and performance in complex organizations and communities.

Managing the product innovation and sales process

The role of customers and competitors in optimizing product innovation and sales efforts.

Coordination in complex product development

How product architecture, organizational communication, and globalization influence product development performance.

Cognition and social networks

People's perceptions of their organizationa social networks are systematically biased, and the bias affects their own and others'' outcomes.

Personality and social networks

How different personality types create and benefit from social networks in organizations.

The psychology of negotiations and public policy

Cognitive and affective barriers to creating value in negotiations and public policy.

Perception and judgment of performance

The role of expertise and nonconscious biases in judgments of performance.

Integrating personality and networks at work

How personality and network characteristics influence performance and career success in organizations

Inefficiency in the flu vaccine supply chain

This project aims to understand the sources of inefficiency in the flu vaccine supply chain and eliminate them.

Emotion management in organizations

How do managers monitor and control emotions in organizations, and how do employees respond?

Diversity and performance

A focus on how different types of people combine to produce differential outputs in organizations

Philosophy of science in new knowledge production

Different scientific frameworks engender different kinds of organizational innovations.

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