UCL Management Science and Innovation

Lynsie Chew

Senior Teaching Fellow
Programme Director (Elective Teaching Portfolio)


Lynsie has both Masters and Undergraduate degrees from the University of London, specialising within both degrees in accounting, financial management and international financial systems. Her Masters dissertation focus was the implementation of activity based costing systems in companies in China. She has tutored/lectured in cost/management accounting, financial accounting, and business management, at a number of UK HE institutions. In addition to teaching/lecturing responsibilities, Lynsie has experience of developing and organising modules, and supervising dissertations and projects. She has a particular expertise in using new technologies within accounting education and is extensively involved in the ongoing development and applications of such technologies. She has a proven track record of delivering what can be a ‘dry’ subject of accounting/finance in an innovative, delivering knowledge and understanding with humour. She is co-editor/co-author of three Pearson Custom textbooks. She presents and publishes her scholarship interest.