UCL School of Management


We offer undergraduate, graduate and executive programmes in management, entrepreneurship, information management for business, management science and business analytics. Our programmes incorporate learning activities and industrial experiences that will help develop commercial competencies, internal organisational management skills, and a high degree of creativity, preparing scientists, engineers, physicians, and other innovators for leadership roles in the next generation of technology-intensive organisations, as well as in finance and consulting firms. 

Undergraduate Programmes, offering a range of programmes in business and management.

Postgraduate Programmes, offering a range of taught and research programmes in business, management and finance.

Executive Education, equipping you with essentials skills in finance, management, leadership and entrepreneurship.

Joint Study Programmes, combining language, chemistry, mathematics or statistics training with practical management subjects.

Elective Portfolio in Management, complementing your training with essential finance, management, leadership and entrepreneurial skills.

Afilliate Study, allowing students from UCL and international universities to study with us for a short period of time as part of their existing degree programme.

Healthcare and Life Sciences, introducing business and management skills that are essential for successful careers in working in health sectors.

University of London Programmes are offered jointly with the UCL School of Management, giving you a flexible way to develop existing financial skills.

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Last updated Thursday, 2 May 2024