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Improving the quality of management research


Management research seeks to advance the understanding of how individuals, groups and organizations interact through theoretical and empirical efforts. This project seeks to offer perspectives as to the current state of management research and suggest ways that management scholars can advance the linkages between theoretical work and empirical testing. Strengthening these linkages will allow for more robust scientific progress from management scholars that can be used to advance our overall body of knowledge. This clarity will help future researchers build on past efforts and more clearly translate findings into relevant frameworks for practitioners.


This project gets at the heart of how to increase the strength of findings from management research. Strengthening research will allow for cumulative building of knowledge within our domain and encourage the clear communication of findings to other researchers and practitioners.

Selected publications

Berry, J., & Edwards, J. R. (2010). The presence of something or the absence of nothing: Increasing theoretical precision in management research. Organizational Research Methods, 13, 668-689. doi:10.1177/1094428110380467 [link]

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Last updated Thursday, 30 April 2015


Research groups

Organisations & Innovation

Research areas

Organization theory; Social psychology of organizations; Strategic management

Research topics

Philosophy of science; Research methods