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The UCL MBA with Peking University


Start date: September 2022
Location: Peking University, Beijing, China​
Duration: 16 months full-time, 28 months part-time
Fees: RMB 368,000 for 2022 entry (fees must be paid in Chinese Yuan)
Application deadline: 30 June 2022
Entry: A good undergraduate degree from a recognised university – a minimum of UK Second Class Honours (2:2) or the international equivalent, as well as a minimum of three years’ full-time working experience after completion of an undergraduate degree and before starting the MBA programme.

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The UCL MBA with Peking University, offered in Beijing, China and awarding a UCL qualification, brings two world-leading universities together at the heart of one of the largest and most dynamic economies in the world.

Students also have the opportunity to complete one optional module in London during the summer months.

The UCL MBA with Peking University combines the unique research and teaching strengths of the UCL School of Management and the Peking University National School of Development.

Management best practices are evolving to adjust to the ubiquity of technology, and academics at the UCL School of Management, which specialises in innovation, entrepreneurship, technology, and analytics, will help you develop the skills necessary to become a manager and leader who can operate in the complex and innovation-intensive environments of the future.

The Peking University National School of Development’s centre for business and management education, the Beijing International MBA (BiMBA) Business School, hosts some of China’s foremost academics, responsible for advising the Chinese Government on development policies that have driven decades of strong economic growth.  The Peking University National School of Development academics will give you a high-level perspective of managing and leading companies in changing national and international government policy contexts.

The UCL MBA with Peking University is the programme of choice for professionals who wish to engage with China’s innovation and technology industries and entrepreneurship communities.


The UCL MBA with Peking University provides a broad, analytical, and integrated study of business and management, and develops the key skills necessary to make decisions, manage, and lead people and organisations in a changing world. Students will acquire knowledge and understanding of organisations, how they are managed, and the external context in which they operate.

The combination of teaching from the UCL School of Management and from BiMBA at the Peking University National School of Development will focus on understanding, responding to, and shaping the dynamic and changing nature of business with respect to innovation and technology and within the Chinese and global business environments.

Core, optional and elective modules

The programme includes core modules in accounting and finance, strategy, and organisational behaviour and leadership. Other core modules, which include decision-making and analytics, marketing, and operations, explore how technology, data, and analytics are transforming these key areas of business. Additionally, a core module in economics and business in China will give key insights into Chinese Government policies and how these policies present unique challenges and opportunities in managing and leading companies in China.

Students will complete a total seven core modules and five to six elective modules (depending on their credit value), covering over 20 different management areas.

Core modules for 2022/2023 academic year

Optional and elective modules for 2022/2023 academic year

There are also a range of optional and elective modules in entrepreneurship, finance, and contemporary issues in Chinese business. One optional module on entrepreneurship will be offered in London, which will allow students to be taught first-hand by entrepreneurs from the UCL community who have helped to make London a global centre for innovation and creativity.

MSIN0125 Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Europe
MSIN0216 Digital Marketing
MSIN0214 Consumer Behaviour
MSIN0219 Influence and Negotiations
MSIN0220 Managing across Cultures
MSIN0217 Entrepreneurship
MSIN0218 Global Entrepreneurial Systems
MSIN0173 Emerging Business Technologies
MSIN0174 International Business Finance
MSIN0176 Management of Non-profit Organisations
MSIN0177 Statistics and Analytics for Business
MSIN0178 Strategic Human Resource Management
MSIN0215 Design Thinking for Strategy
MSIN0223 Financing Technology Ventures

The optional and elective modules listed are subject to change each year and are indicative only. Optional and elective modules can change for a variety of reasons including but not limited to updated learning outcomes, lack of demand and resourcing. For questions about optional modules, please reach out to us at mgmt-mba@ucl.ac.uk.

Business Research Project

Students also undertake a Business Research Project (MSIN0172) which, subject to availability, could include developing a consultancy project with a company. Alternatively, students can choose to write a business plan for a new or existing business, or choose to write a dissertation based on a piece of management or business-related research. Students are offered training and guidance on consultancy services, business planning, and business research.

Why choose us

  • UCL and Peking University are top-ranked global universities working together to deliver a top-ranked MBA programme
  • The UCL School of Management is one of the UK’s leading and most forward-thinking business schools, focusing on preparing leaders for an innovation-intensive future
  • The National School of Development at Peking University is one of China’s most influential economics and public policy think tanks and focuses on creating leaders with a broad world view
  • Students will study in Beijing and can choose to study in London, experiencing living in two of the world’s great cities
  • Graduates will be welcomed into both the UCL and Peking University alumni community, with a combined membership of more than 500,000

UCL is one of the world’s top universities and is consistently ranked in the global top 20 (QS 2022) in a number of international league tables.

Peking University (Beida) is China’s leading university and ranks among the best universities in Asia and the World.

Diverse and complementary research and teaching strengths of the UCL School of Management and the Peking University National School of Development build the foundations of the programme.

The UCL School of Management focuses on innovation, entrepreneurship, technology, and analytics, and offers undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral programmes to prepare people for leadership roles in the next generation of innovation-intensive organisations. The proportion of research undertaken at UCL School of Management recognised by the UK Government Research Excellent Framework (REF) as ‘world-leading’ is the highest in the UK, together with London Business School, and is ahead of Imperial College, LSE, Oxford, and Cambridge.

The Peking University National School of Development was founded as an academic centre devoted to teaching and researching modern economics, management, and public policy and includes many of China’s leading economists among its faculty. Today, the Peking University National School of Development is one of China’s leading think tanks whose academics contribute to and influence Chinese Government policies to advance China’s development. The Peking University National School of Development hosts the BiMBA Business School, which focuses on business and management education.

Together, the UCL School of Management and BiMBA at the Peking University National School of Development will nurture, develop, and inspire passionate business and entrepreneurial leaders that are prepared for the complex, interconnected world of the future.

Students will be taught by educators and practitioners from UCL School of Management and the Peking University National School of Development, and will experience a combination of Western and Chinese teaching that will equip students with an integrated, critically-aware, and advanced understanding of management and organisations in a global and Chinese context.

The UCL MBA with Peking University curriculum encourages an entrepreneurial and agile mindset that is able to engage with innovation and technology.  Companies are using data and technology to drive decision-making and create and capture value in new ways.  Through core, optional, and elective modules in entrepreneurship and innovation, entrepreneurial systems, emerging technologies, technology ventures, and design thinking, students will learn how to adapt to and thrive in fast-changing business environments. The curriculum also includes a range of China-focused core, optional, and elective modules, where students learn how Chinese Government policy affects business, which is essential for success in corporate China.

There is also an opportunity for students to study entrepreneurship in the UK at UCL in the heart of London. Students will be taught by UCL School of Management’s innovators and entrepreneurs, who have helped to make London a global centre for innovation and creativity. Students will also be able to take advantage of UCL’s networks and reputation as a starting point to access London’s thriving entrepreneurship scene.

This programme will empower students with a global perspective combined with a local mindset and create the next generation of leaders who will drive China’s development and change the world.

Applications, careers and faqs

To apply, to find out more application information, including information about careers, or to read our FAQs, please visit the PKU website.

For more information and answers to any questions about the programme, please email The UCL MBA with Peking University team

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